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Marie Gibb Co-Owner, Comprehensive Pilates Instructor 

Marie personally understands how compromising physical injuries can be especially for athletes. "Active people don't want to stop doing what they enjoy, they want to keep moving. My goal is to get people back to doing what they love & loving what they do even more, while fine tuning their movement skill set." 
      Over the years, she has logged thousands of miles as an accomplished marathoner & half-marathoner, & is personally familiar with the toll sports can take on a body. "Having a deep knowledge of the Pilates method then would have prevented many of my poor movement patterns & subsequent injuries." 
     The life altering benefits of Pilates came in the most unexpected way. In 2006, her daughter (Haley) was recovering from a serious surgery. Under the care of a cutting-edge Physical Therapy group, the Pilates reformer was used as part of Haley's rehabilitation. "My immense gratitude for the help the Pilates method offered Haley then guided me on this most rewarding career path; learning to teach others to move, feel, & perform better in their own bodies. I see myself as a solutions provider for whole-body wellness."
Marie is trained through the internationally recognized organization of Balanced Body as a Comprehensive Pilates Instructor & is also a Pre/Postnatal Pilates Specialist through The Center for Women's Fitness. Her earlier career path comprises over two decades in healthcare, specializing primarily in cardiovascular care. When she is out of the studio, you will find her around the community passionately educating others on the healing properties of Nature's pure & potent essential oils.

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Haley Gibb Co-Owner, Comprehensive Pilates Instructor

Haley finds the best part of teaching Pilates comes from seeing her students build strength, balance & flexibility that they can take into their daily activities. She especially loves challenging even the most accomplished athlete with Pilates as a method of cross training... "you can never have enough cross stabilization & Mind+Body+Spirit connection to support your sport." She will undoubtedly maximize your body potential through safe, effective, exhilarating, & motivating movement experiences.
      Haley is especially committed to working with special client populations. "I came to Pilates through somewhat unusual circumstances. Following brain & spinal surgery in 2006 I spent most of my Physical Therapy sessions on the Pilates Reformer & my interest only grew from there. Learning about balanced muscle development & advanced whole-body movements, I was hooked! Developing a more mindful approach to my physical fitness has increased my stamina, heightened my lifestyle consciousness & left me stronger than ever." Haley is passionate about this movement practice & building form + function PILATES' local community outreach on the Central Coast. 
     Haley completed her Comprehensive Pilates Instructor training through Balanced Body. To deepen her teaching knowledge, she spent nearly four months studying under the direction of Katrina Foe, a second-generation Pilates Master Teacher in Scottsdale, AZ. Haley is a graduate of Franklin & Marshall College in Lancaster, PA where she majored  in Sociology & also earned a minor in Anthropology. Additional studies focused on Kinesiology, Dance Movement & African Dance.  When not teaching Pilates, Haley also serves as an exceptional local resource & educator on the health benefits of supporting wellness using dōTERRA pure & potent essential oils. Living life more naturally & with abundance!

"Most of all, we want to be a transformational element in the lives of our clients!"