Our Mid Valley location is closed, however, private instruction continues to be available by appointment only.

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​"In 10 sessions, you will feel the difference. In 20, you will see the difference. 
And in 30, you will be on your way to having a whole new body."

~ Joseph Hubertus Pilates

​​What's Your Level?
Level All: All levels are welcome

Level 1: No experience/Beginner--developing an initial understanding of Pilates movement principles 
Level 2: Intermediate practitioner with a good understanding of Pilates movement principles
Level 3: Strong Intermediate practitioner working on Advanced repertoire 
Level 3+: Solid Advanced/Super-Advanced practitioners/instructors
Our formats are available to meet the personal needs of:

  • Private Groups
  • Destination Retreats 
  • Corporate Wellness Programs  

Session Descriptions

f+f 101 (Mat/Equipment): Introduction to the principles of the Pilates method. Learn how to activate your core in movement with the breath. Props may be used in 101 Mat classes at instructors discretion. 101 Equipment classes will focus on Pilates Reformer, Chair & Tower repertoire & are presently grouped at a Level 2/3 for the intermediate mover & above. 

Mat Fanatics: 
This is a level 1+/2/3 Mat class. Individuals should have a thorough understanding of Pilates movement fundamentals on the mat. Instructors will challenge students with props, inversions as appropriate & high repetitions. Modifications will be given, however the class tempo is not at the beginner level. 

Equipment Gurus:
 This is a level 2+/3 (advanced) Equipment & Apparatus class. Individuals are expected to have clear understanding of equipment (i.e., setup, safety, etc.). Student participation is at the instructor's discretion. Exercises involve whole-body movement & individuals should understand their need for personal modifications, consult with your instructor as needed. **This class is scheduled on demand & is not listed on our schedule, please discuss your interest with an instructor for pairing options.** 

CoreAlign & Props: 
This is an all levels class, however individuals are expected to have an adequate understanding of the Pilates principle of core activation. CoreAlign will challenge your balance & stamina in different postures, provide aerobic core conditioning & enhance performance in your whole-body movement repertoire beyond class.  Please discuss your interest with an instructor. 

Carpe Diem: 
Joseph Pilates believed in making the Pilates method accessible to all populations, so that they could feel the benefits. This Mat class is our commitment to follow his example, giving our local community access to experience the whole-body movement benefits of Pilates. If you are a Peninsula resident, we invite you to "seize the day" & experience your first class at no cost, it's our gift to you!

R&R... Rebalance, Restore, Revitalize, Release, Reactivate... : 
You probably get the picture, this list could go on & on. A great way to finish up your week & get your weekend off to a fresh start. In this class, we fuse the Pilates principles with ancient eastern practices to invigorate your body through movement & breath. Tempo of class is set by the current ability level of participants. Come find your R&R!  **Scheduled by request.**